Rittz is gearing up for the release of his new album, so it is the perfect time to give the visual treatment to his lead single "Ghost Story." The Strange Music artist unveils the music video today (April 27) for the record produced by Kato.

The music video is nothing elaborate as Rittz is seen rapping on the steps of a building and hanging out in the back of a local rap event. The star of the show here is Rittz' bars as he wows with a rapid fire delivery.

"Welcome to the Jonny Valiant show/I'm about to blow/Independent with a hundred thousand albums sold/Rappers used to crowd around me funny, now they don't/No one's in my lane, my competition going adios/No magician but I dissipate 'em in a cloud of smoke/Revving they engine up and I'm a thousand miles down the road/You ain't ever heard of me, fuck it, now you know/It's hard to take you serious and I ain't out of jokes/Most of the shit you rap about is unaccountable/Saying nothing, making noise with your mouth like you're out of road/Never seen an ounce of blow, flexing like you Al Capone/So we can seek to sneak the brownie a la mode/Pocket full of bread, I ain't counting sour dough/Cheating on her from above, funny how the roles/Got reversed, when it was him, they never said look out below/Never tried to lend a hand, I was down and out and broke," Rittz raps.

Rittz's new album Top of the Line is scheduled to drop on May 6. You can pre-order it now on iTunes.

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