Riff Raff was once 175 pounds. Then he was 210. His goal? "My goal is...to blow up and act like I don't know nobody." The rapper laughs and bounds around the weight room scale in a new video for Munchies. "I'm not going to stop," the Neon Icon rapper warns. "It's not a joke." Riff made headlines recently for reportedly swearing off drugs and alcohol, dedicating himself to fitness and a cleaner lifestyle. The new 15-minute clip details his bizarre workout style, but delves just as deeply into his unconventional nutrition practices.

Munchies follows Riff and his crew as they order lobster rolls, dozens of oysters and every sauce on the menu at a San Francisco seafood joint; the gang also grabs pizza before a show in Santa Ana, Ca. and makes one of the most heart-stopping Starbucks runs in modern history. Just as the Versace don doesn't like to take breaks or off days when he works out, Riff isn't about to let the conventional wisdom from nutritionists slow him down. "People say 'Stop eating them burgers and them pizzas,'" he laments. "I just tell 'em, 'Tell that to the pythons.'"

Of course, it's also possible that this fitness kick has a clear endpoint: It was recently reported that Riff Raff would be joining Hulk Hogan in a wrestling tag team for the ages. It's hard to tell who would be the bigger icon, but if he stays on his current trajectory, Riff might be the more imposing physical presence.