Whether you're a fan or not, there's no question that RiFF RAFF has seen success in the music and entertainment industry. Now, the Houston rapper is basking in that success, along with his fortune, as he has shacked up in a lavish mansion in Las Vegas. Giving a tour of his "codeine castle" in an MTV Cribs style video, Raff shows off how well he's living inside of the large property.

As the cameras arrive, RiFF RAFF greets them with his two husky dogs, who sport colorful light-up collars to be identified when they head outside. The "Root Beer Float Ghost" entertainer shows off his living room, which has steel construction, as well as purple walls, and a large mural of himself in between two women hanging on the wall above the door. He also highlights a side bedroom that he says is strictly for his dogs to rest in—there's a full-sized bed just for them.

After displaying his surround-sound system in the living room, with speakers embedded into the purple walls, the rapper takes the cameras into the kitchen where he flaunts over $500,000 worth of jewelry including chains, watches and more.

Viewers then get to see upstairs, which includes a full balcony with a gorgeous view, along with a purple Versace lounge chair that's inside of his master bedroom. Fast forward into the bathroom, and we see his bathtub that includes a waterfall shower. It looks like the rapper is living large, no matter what any haters or critics might think.

Take a full look into RiFF RAFF's codeine castle, including his "silk bricks," below.

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