Many people like to spend their Saturday and Sunday mornings shopping, but when you're Riff Raff you do things a bit differently. On Wednesday (April 11), Riff Raff shares the video for his latest song, "Supreme Shopping" featuring Poodeezy and Mack Twon.

According to the Neon Icon artist, the inspiration for "Supreme Shopping" came from Wednesdays being the best day to shop. "The middle of the week is a great time to shop," Riff Raff told XXL. "When your a boss you don't have to wait until the weekend to get your new fresh fits."

An ode to Wednesday morning shopping, the Daniel Kelly-directed visuals find Riff Raff turning up in a small boutique as he raps about his riches. "Hundred pushups 8 a.m./Diamonds jumping out the gym/Pastel pink bag MCM/Polar bear up under chin/Frosted flakes across my face," Riff Raff spits.

As for how the collaboration with Poodeezy and Mack Twon came to be, Riff Raff says the two rappers are part of his Four Loko Black Tour, so he felt it was a good match.

Up next for The White West rapper, he says to expect "nothing but greatness" as he gears up for his project with Blackbear. The record will be released through Blackbear's Beartrap Sound label, which Riff Riff recently signed with.

While Riff Raff had gone the independent route, the rapper said his partnership with Blackbear made sense. "I could drop my own album and be independent forever," he told XXL. "I could drop my own albums and make my money like that or whatever, but I want to drop another one that's like...something that will top Neon Icon."

"So, I brung in Blackbear, or he brung me in, or we collabed. Whatever you want to call it,"he added. "I signed to his label and he has just such a strong team and I don't think people realize how structured and how big he's about to be."

Check out the "Supreme Shopping" video below.

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