Any time a guy calls himself the "White Mekhi Phife" in one line before comparing himself to Betty White the next, you know a lot's going on. So it's only right the RiFF RAFF song those lyrics belong to—"Lamborghini Leg Lock"—gets a video that's just as hyper-imaginative.

The latest visual from Jody Highroller has a little bit of everything. There are clips of the Neon Icon smoking a blunt in his flossy Lambo and posing outside of it with a hot video girl. At a few different points, RiFF RAFF can be seen rocking the mic on stage, appearing as a lead singer for a rock band. There are also strippers sliding up and down a pole at throughout.

The song itself features a guitar-laced instrumental and a pretty heavy rock vibe. As we said before, his lyrics are all over the place—which you should always expect from RiFF RAFF.

In his first verse on the track RiFF RAFF seemingly makes more colorful references than you can even count, rapping, "Yo, shout out to Reef, shout out to Tryke/I used to ride to Circle K on my Diamondback bike/Pocket full of Laffy Taffy, Fire Jolly Ranchers/Mood enhancers, documented Diamond dancer/I'm a muthafuckin' pirate with paw prints/You need to stay away from violence, here smoke this."

You can peep RiFF RAFF's new video for yourself below.

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