Riff Raff's Australian and New Zealand tour has been canceled after a woman accused The White West rapper of raping her in 2013.

On Thursday (May 31), Eliza Stafford shared a public post on Facebook saying the alleged incident occurred at a 2013 concert after she was invited backstage and tricked into drinking codeine. "In 2013 I was raped by a man whose stage name is 'Riff Raff'. I went to his show because my boyfriend at the time was a huge fan," Stafford wrote.

"I was asked mid-show to come backstage, and as a 19 year old I was flattered and complied," she continued. "When I got backstage I was offered a shot from a (branded) vodka bottle that was sitting on the table. I was offered a 60ml ‘party’ shot. I took the shot, it was syrup and I immediately asked what it was. Riff raff and his support act told me that it was codeine and started laughing."

Stafford claims she was then coerced to get into a car with Riff Raff and his supporting act at the time. "I woke up as Riff raff was pulling out of me and getting in to the shower," she added. "I crawled - truly, on all fours -out of the hotel room and managed to get outside where I booked a taxi who wouldn’t take me because I was 'too drunk'."

The woman ended her post by urging readers to reconsider attending the "Supreme Shopping" rapper's now-canceled June 8 show in Melbourne, Australia. "If you are planning on attending the riff raff show at the corner next week I urge you to reconsider," she wrote.

XXL has reached out to Riff Raff's team for a statement. After the allegations surfaced, Riff Raff's DJ, DJ Afterthought, tweeted in apparent response. "Well today was interesting to say the least," he said.

Following the accusation, booking agency Audipaxx said they were aware of the accusation and announced the tour had been canceled. "We have been made aware of allegations made against Houston rapper Riff Raff," a statement from the company reads. "In light of this, we have spoken to his management team and the scheduled tour of Australia and New Zealand has been cancelled, effective immediately."

The 11-date G Fuel Energy Tour was set to kick off today (June 1) in Cairns, Australia and would have continued through June 24.

Check out the Facebook posts from Stafford and Audipaxx below and the tweet from DJ Afterthought.

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