12-12-12 is a once in a lifetime event. So it’s not surprising that hip-hop’s most eccentric rapper, Riff Raff, wanted to drop a new mixtape fit for the occasion. The Mad Decent signee promised to deliver a few more projects before the year was up. Lucky for us, it was his mixtape with Dame Grease called Hologram Panda that will be hearing first.

In typical Jody Highroller fashion, he raps in such unconventional way that it's still pure entertainment. Hologram Panda features the many staples of Riff Raff—stream-of-conscious freestyles, H-Town-influenced heavy-hitters, and club bangers. Conversely, Dame Grease handles the bulk of the production, but SK The Hit Man and Mike Jerz also contribute with their signature sounds.

With Hologram Panda, his Neon Vibe collaboration project helmed by Harry Fraud, and his Mad Decent debut under Diplo’s direction, Riff Raff is already setting up for a big year in 2013. Let this new set of music whet your appetite. —Eric Diep


1.PANOMERA 911 (Prod. by Mike Jerz)
2.GOT THEM MAD (Prod. by Dame Grease
3.i CAN TELL STORiES (Prod. by Dame Grease)
5.TRAPPiN' LiKE A FOOL (Prod. SK The Hit Man)
6.TiGER BEAR GARGOYLE (Prod. by Dame Grease)
8.WHiTE SiLK PANTS (Prod. by Dame Grease)
9.CAN WE CHiLL (Prod. by Dame Grease)
10.CHARGERS (Prod. SK The Hit Man)
11.GOiN' HAMiLTON (Prod. by Dame Grease)
12.VERSACE LiES (Prod. by Dame Grease)

Hologram Panda [DOWNLOAD HERE]