Rico Richie and Snootie Wild can't stand petty chicks and fake friends so bad, they wrote a song about it. The duo released the video for "You Petty" this month (Nov. 20) with a premiere from WorldStarHipHop . As Rico argues with his girl over her snooping through his phone, Snootie tries to calm the situation down—all while each rapper lets off bars to vent their frustrations.

"I don't fuck with the phonies/20 cash and the Rollie, nigga/Yeah, you don't like it nigga, shoot something/Big checks like Nike, just do it, huh/I been gettin' it since the 10th grade/Nigga don't like it, get hit with the 10th fade," spits Rico in the opening verse.

The infectious chorus and dance-worthy beat (the video is proof of that) courtesy of 20 Vision are easy ways to pinpoint this club banger's potential. The song dropped back in August of 2016.

“It’s just the way I feel about the game right now,” Rico told XXL back in the summer when describing the track. “It just seem like the music business is over populated with petty people. It’s almost like the money they getting don’t matter if they see somebody else getting more money or doing good they wanna do what it takes to go out of their way to stop them. That’s petty to me.”

Rico went on to describe how Snootie jumped on the track, saying, “He pulled up to the studio in the middle of me making the song and was like, ‘I’m putting a verse on this Richie’ and it just happened."

"You Petty" appears on Rico's latest mixtape, Legendary, which dropped in September.

Check out Snootie and Rico deal with the pettiness of it all the in video above.

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