Snootie Wild loves the ladies, which is why he makes it a point to get on bae's good side in the video for "Come Around," premiering exclusively on XXL.

The rapper, who calls on director Eric Connelly for the visual, pays homage to Tupac and the classic 1993 John Singleton film, Poetic Justice. Snootie takes on the role of Tupac’s character Lucky in the video. While he's on his route as a mail carrier, he's also working to get involved with his love interest. Kirko Bangz also shows up to add a verse and play the part of Snootie's boy in the clip.

"I'm gon' make her come around/ I'ma beat that p---- down/You say your ex he was a clown/That type of shit I don't know/ In these streets I'm pharaoh," Snootie rhymes.

Poetic Justice was a no-brainer for the "Yayo" rhymer. "Well, the video concept itself I got it from the Poetic Justice movie," the Tennessee native tells XXL. "First of all, really to bring back the memory of Tupac and Black History Month because that was around the time I actually did shoot the video. Other than that, it was how women have men issues and sometimes men don’t understand why. I wanted to just give an example of how to be patient but still at the same time you’re a man and about your business you can still make a woman come back around."

This isn't the first time Snootie and Kirko have crossed paths. Two years ago, they linked up with DJ Infamous for the "Double Cup (Remix)." As for their time on the set of "Come Around," it was seamless. "Me and Kirko are alike in how we kick it and how we want things done," Snootie reveals. "We hit it off. We been kickin’ it with each other. I’m in Houston right now."

"Come Around" follows the release of his new Pablo Escobar-inspired track "El Pablo." "With the single dropping on the radio, with 'Come Around' dropping on [fans'] TV channel, it’s a great song," the 30-year-old states. "It was the right single for me to put out far as coming with 'Yayo,' 'Get Out the Mud' and 'El Pablo.' I’m feeling like El Pablo. Why? Because I been knowing a lot about El Pablo, I saw the movie and did my own work on it. I realized that the beginning of it, before any of the brainwashing, his first intentions, his main goal was for his poor country to have something, his people to enjoy life."

The Ain't No Stoppin Me creator is currently crafting his debut album, set for release later this year. In the meantime, he's sticking to his game plan. "Basically Snootie is back," he continues, "more confident than ever and my team is stronger than ever and I never forget about the ladies."

Watch Snootie Wild get his Tupac on above.

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