Rico Nasty will be releasing her Tales of Taco Bella mixtape on May 19. Ahead of the project's arrival, the DMV rhymer comes through with a music video for the tape's lead single "Glo Bottles" directed by RemyAllure.

The video takes viewers into a book version of the Tales of Taco Bella, opening up a page to her Instagram account and jumping into the posts. Rico is seen dancing, showing off her money and popping plenty of bottles at the club.

“Drink the bottle myself/I don’t split it with my man/They don’t gotta check in/In the club I’m lit/Glo bottle my shit/Leave the club, hotel/O.G. what you smell/That shit like Le’Veon Bell/Getting money, catching tail/Moving slow like a snail/My hitters give you hell/Go to jail, post bail,” Rico raps along the way.

The track is a fun record, but Rico is looking to proving that she's got much more to offer on her upcoming mixtape. The "Hey Arnold" rapper wants the project to be a showcase for her rapping ability.

“This project will show that I’m not just about catchy hooks,” Rico said. “I’m actually a true lyricist. I plan to break the barriers that people try to trap female rappers in. This isn’t about ‘Oh she sounds good for a female rapper,’ it’s about ‘Yo, she sounds really good on this and can really rap!’”

Watch Rico Nasty's "Glo Bottles" video below.

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