Rick Ross recently made an appearance in New York City, where the MMG frontman made an interesting statement about Kanye West.

"One time for Yeezy," Rozay says in the above clip. "My homie a genius. For everybody who thought he was wigging out, he played y'all niggas." Ross' comment comes after a turbulent period for Kanye, during which he was hospitalized as a result of several psychotic breakdowns.

Ross and 'Ye clearly have a friendly relationship, as they've collaborated in the past on songs like "Maybach Music 2," "Hold On," "Monster," "I Wish You Would," "Live Fast, Die Young," "Sanctified" and "Devil in a New Dress." But Rozay's comment is even stranger when you consider he was standing directly next to Mike Dean, who has an even closer relationship to Yeezy.

According to a report, Kanye is currently in a terrific creative space after being released from the hospital. Apparently, 'Ye is already recording new music from his studio in Bel-Air. Pete Rock recently joined him in the booth, and the legendary producer shared a photo of what *might* be a tracklist for Turbo Grafx 16, which is rumored to be Kanye's next album title. You can check out that potential tracklist below.

Kanye West’s Turbo Grafx 16 Tracklist
1. "Metroid Other"
2. "Muramasa the Demon Blade"
3. "New Super Mario Bros"
4. "No More Heroes 2"
5. "Okami"
6. "Pikmin 2"
7. "Rabbids Go Home"
8. "Red Steel 2"
9. "Resident Evil"
10. "Silent Hill"
11. "Sin & Punishment 2"
12. "Sonic Colors"
13. "Super Mario Galaxy Pt. 1 & Pt. 2"
14. "Tatsunoko vs. Capcom"

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