A while back, Rich Homie Quan was caught on video smoking what appeared to be a blunt with his son right next to him. At the time, people were justifiably pretty upset that Quan would smoke around his children. Now, in a new interview with DJ Vlad, he admits he regrets the incident, while making sure folks know he doesn't smoke around his kids anymore. Peep the conversation below.

The image-conscious Quan, who disputes that it was a blunt he was smoking around his son, says the infamous video presented him in a light he didn't appreciate. "I just wanna let people know man... that's not the image I want people to see me as," says Quan, who dropped a video for his Back to Basics single, "Gamble," just the other day.

He continues, "That was just one of them moments, you know what I'm saying? I just want people to realize I'm still human, you know what I'm saying? And a lot of things are just mental mistakes, you know what I mean? Like, at that time I was 23, 24. Not saying—age has nothing to do with it—but at the same time, I didn't ask to be put on this pedestal that society put me on. So if I make mistakes, just please forgive me and just realize it wasn't intentional, I wasn't doing it to hurt anybody.

"But moral to the story, I learned from that. I don't smoke around my kids anymore. You know what I'm saying? I don't think nobody should do that. But you know, growing up man, where I growed up at, that was normal. And I'ma just be real with you, you feel me? That was normal. And I know everybody who has something bad to say about it—come on man. Can't be a hypocrite. That's all I'm gon' say, that was normal where I growed up."

Despite how "normal" Quan says it is for adults to smoke around children, he makes it clear he's left that habit in the past. "To make a long story short, you don't got to worry about that no more. 'Cause I've grown from that. I'm not that same Rich Homie no more."

Check out Quan's revealing discussion with DJ Vlad below. Quan begins renouncing the infamous smoking vid at around the 9:25 mark. Peep the original vid of Quan smoking next to his son beneath that.

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