Rich Homie Quan and Johnny Cinco confronted each other on a highway in Atlanta. In the first video, RHQ is seen yelling out of his truck at Cinco, attempting to provoke the Quality Control member to throw hands. Instead, Cinco takes off in his car and Quan follows him for a bit. The second video appears to show Cinco (even though we never actually see Johnny’s face) out of his car, in front of Quan's purple truck attempting to get the TIG artist to fight. He then jumps in and calls it a day when nothing happens. The whole ordeal is kind of comical. Shouldn't they learn from The Game?

Watch both the videos below.

Quan has been in the headlines recently for allegedly putting grown man hands on a security guard in Miami Beach then darting off into the night on a speedboat. It was recently discovered that the latter half of the story with the speedboat was greatly exaggerated. No arrest has been made in the incident, but Cajigas—the security guard—has obtained a lawyer and is in the process of suing RHQ for unspecified damages.

A new song by Rich Homie was released yesterday. When “You Not” hit the net, listeners instantly began to suspect the track was a diss directed at Young Thug. But then Quan went on Twitter to shutdown those rumors. See tweet and listen to the song below.