Rich Homie Quan's Back to Basics is really one of the more slept-on projects of 2017 so far, and recently, Quan served up a reminder of its dopeness with a new visual for "Gamble." Peep it for yourself below.

There's a lot going on in Quan's Marc Diamond-directed new video. In some parts he's partying in a casino. In others, he's seemingly working alongside a Crime Scene Investigation team trying to get to the bottom of a case. At the end of the visual, the guy's involved in a shootout and staring down someone who appears to be a crime boss.

The song itself is a hard-hitting one detailing the way Quan's put his life on the line at various points of his life. With that in mind, a video that involves a fist fight, a shootout and a crime scene fits perfectly. It also fits the retro Quan vibe the rapper said he was looking for.

Speaking on with us about Back to Basics this past April, Quan said he wanted to get back to making the music he started out with—if not for himself, than for the fans.

"I decided to name it Back to the Basics because it’s like going back to the genre that I started with and just giving the fans the Quan they want as opposed to the Quan I wanted to be," he explained at the time. "Like, that’s not the Quan the people want. I just wanted to get back to the Quan that the people want and make my fans happy. I wanted to just give my fans a new body of work of music. Back to Basics just means I’m still going it, it don’t stop."

Check out Quan's video for "Gamble" below.

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