Rich Homie Quan is back with another visual, this one for "34," a cut from his recently released Rich As in Spirit album.

The new video finds Quan partying it up while counting up racks in a house party. When he's not doing that, he's riding the MARTA—or, more precisely speaking, driving himself as a bus driver in Atlanta's public transportation system. In a few clips, we see the Atlanta artist sitting at the back of the bus as he's somehow still holding down the driver seat in the front.

The hook and title track for the song are references to both legendary University of Georgia running back Herschel Walker, and the bus he used to ride through East Atlanta. That bus was given the designated number, 34.

"Herschel Walker, used to ride that MARTA, yeah, that 34/Pants saggin', bankroll in my pocket and that 30 close/Church in session, talk shit like the pastor, catch the holy ghost/Trap is bunking and we making money, see that open door," he spits on the hook for the track.

Throughout the song, he recounts his come up. "I ain't have it all when I was little/16 years old, drinkin' liquor (what?)/I ain't never ever touched a beer (ha)/I ain't never ever touch a mill' (never)," he raps.

Watch Quan's new video for "34" below. Peep his visual for "Changed" when you're done with that.

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