It takes time to find what it is you're called to do in this life, then even more time to have that moment in the sun. Luckily for 27-year-old South Carolina rapper Renni Rucci, she knows what she was put on this Earth to do and has been shining this year, most notably after the release of her 2019 mixtape, Big Renni. Finding her way to prominence through freestyles over well-known rap beats, she got her first real traction off some bars she spit on Lil Baby's "Freestyle," ironically enough. Now on the radar of Atlanta powerhouse rap label Quality Control—she's currently on the song "Like That" featured on the new QC compilation, but remains signed to Wolf Pack Music Group)—Renni is well on her way. She stopped by the XXL office to drop a freestyle and give a little background on her career.

Early on in her verse, Renni doesnt hold back. "Fuck all that bullshit, stomp on the pulpit/I'm from the Mead/I'm a queen and I rule shit," she spits. "Call me Big Renni, the stick on me mini/And I am not talkin' ’bout mouses from Disney." She also issues a warning for anyone thinking she can be tried: "Run up on me, yeah, I wish a bitch would/Pop a bitch top like I'm liftin' the hood."

And there's no room for competition on this side. "I'm with the pack and you know we got rap ties/Killin' these bitches, hearses and black ties," Renni raps.

Looking back on the quick start to her career, Renni Rucci keeps it nice and simple. "The Lil Baby one really went crazy," she shares of one of the songs she freestyled over that got her noticed. "I knew I was building, but I didn't expect for it to be as big as it got. I just felt like I needed to do what everybody was gonna look at. So the hottest songs, I knew people were looking those songs up on YouTube." Her internet-savvy strategy paid off now that she's one of the newer women in hip-hop to watch, all through her own hard work.

Catch Renni Rucci freestyle for XXL's What I Do series below.

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