Radio personality Jenny Boom Boom of Conneticut’s Hot 93.7 station recently caught up with Remy Ma for an update on her life behind bars so far. [Listen Below]

From the phone interview it seems that just two years into her eight year jail stint, Remy is making the most out of her time in prison. After successfully appealing to be released from special lock-up so as to be placed into general population, Remy is just a few units away from an Associate’s degree and has remained on her best behavior so as not to jeopardize her scheduled conjugal visits with husband, Brooklyn MC Papoose.

“When I first got here I was just of control, I was just disgusted to be here, so I got in trouble a lot but then when I realized that that was going to affect my trailer visits I had to start shaping up” she shared. Remy is allowed daily visits and conjugal visits once every six weeks.

Although her husband and family have supported her, there is one person that still hasn’t checked in on the Grammy-nominated femcee. When asked if Fat Joe had made his way down to visit yet, Remy said “Never. Not once.“ Apparently she’s not really surprised by this either because “He’s not really a stand-up type of dude. I’m sure that if he didn’t think it’d probably backfire… he probably would.”

Aside from that, the Bronx rapper sounded optimistic about her future and looks forward to having her appeal approved and getting out of prison soon. “It seems really good because normally if it’s going to be ‘no,’ they usually tell you ‘no’ right away," she explained. "So the fact that we’ve been waiting for a while, since October really …it’s in a way a good thing and hopefully I'll be home soon, like before the summer. That’d be great.”

“If I was home there’d be little rappers running around… I’m like a little bit behind schedule but Pap is ready to go,” she says about her plans when she gets home. “I wanna go shopping… I really miss recording. Plus I like the competition, I’d like to make it not so easy for Nick [Nicki Minaj] right now.”

Speaking of the Young Money rapstress, Jenny Boom asked Remy straight up if the rumors about her having an affair with Minaj are true. “I’m not gay," she said. "How would I have sex Nicki Minaj? I ain’t had sex with Nicki [or] anybody… I’m actually happy for her.”

For now, Ma says that she's cool with Pap holding things down for her outside of prison. His light-hearted song “Bucket Naked,” which samples a sound bite from Bernie Mac's character Dollar Bill in the 1998 film The Player's Club, recently leaked on the internet. —Brooklyne Gipson