Two years after being released from prison, Remy Ma has scaled her way to the top of the music world's Mount Olympus, and she's brought her fellow Terror Squad member Fat Joe along for the trip. On Tuesday (Dec. 6), it was announced that she and Joey Crack's single "All the Way Up" had been nominated in two categories for the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Featuring two sharp verses from Remy herself and Fat Joe, along with an insanely catchy hook and bridge from Infrared and French Montana respectively, the song was always bound to be a success. Now, it's earned Remy and Joey nods for Best Rap Performance and Rap Song of the year. XXL caught up with Remy to talk about her and Joe's two Grammy nominations.

The Bronx native learned of the news via text message. "I woke up because I was like in my 19th dream because we were out filming late for our new video for our single 'Money Showers,' and my phone was texted and I'm like, Who the heck's texting me this early in the morning?" she explains. "And it was a friend of mine just congratulating me on winning a Grammy. And I'm like, Wait a minute ... and she's just like, 'Congratulations on your Grammy nominations' and I'm like 'What? Hold on, let me wake up.'"

Despite the incredible success of "All the Way Up" -- the track went platinum -- Remy was still more than a little taken aback by her friend's revelation, so she searched Google to confirm the news. "I went to Google and everything, from... Variety, to, you know, Rolling Stone, all these different outlets that were on the newsstands or whatever, and it was just like, 'Holy crap,'" she states.

According to her, she got a "double dose of ecstasy" when she learned that she'd been nominated for not one, but two Grammy Awards, especially considering that "All the Way Up" hadn't been nominated for arguably the second biggest music award show a few months prior.

"It was just so amazing. Just to see all your hard work and your determination and...we did the BET Awards, we won that, the Soul Train [Awards], and we won that. But you know, the AMAs, they didn't nominate us," Remy says. "So to actually get nominated by the Grammys, which is like, you know, it's like the Oscars of music, is just like very humbling, and just, I can't explain how I feel now...I'm smiling for no reason at all."

Remy is very excited, and it's easy to see why. She also made sure that she let Fat Joe know about the nominations. The two had been filming their video for "Money Showers" the night before, so Joe wasn't feeling the early morning phone call until Remy hit him with the news. "He just went to this high-pitched girl scream, going crazy," Remy admits of Joey's reaction. She felt she had to call Joe because of the role he's played in her status in the rap game, especially after spending time in the pen for over six years.

"To actually make it in less than 12 months, you know, after being away for almost seven years, I had to be the one to call him and give him the good news," she shares. "It felt amazing to do that."

"We've both have been up, up, up on the highest of highs and we both have been down on the lowest of lows, and, just at this point in my life I don't take anything for granted," Remy continues. "I don't take anything as, you know, owed to me or guaranteed. Any artist putting out any type of project, that's one of their hopes, whether they voice it out loud or not. So I'm pretty sure we both were like, 'Shit, that would be dope.' You know, when we were going to these other award shows, 'It would be crazy to get a Grammy.' But to actually have it happen is a whole different ball game. The chance of actually achieving it is right there in your face, not once, but twice."

The Grammys are two months away, but Remy is already prepping her Grammy attire. "This whole moment has to be perfect. Like, it's already going to be perfect, you know, sharing the moment with my loved ones and the people that worked so hard with me," she says.

The last time she was nominated for a Grammy it was 2005, and she showed up without Fat Joe. "This is going to be a whole different thing," she reveals of what will happen in February. "I mean, it's like kinda the same scenario. We were nominated for the record that we had, we were up against the big contenders and people that are known for walking away with those type of awards, and we didn't win, but you know, we were happy with the nomination. I know I was happy. I was the only female rapper that was nominated for an award that year. In 2016-2017, once again, I'm the only female rapper nominated for a Grammy this year."

"All the Way Up" is all set to appear on Remy and Fat Joe's upcoming collaboration album, Plata o Plomo, a project she says has already been completed. "Plata o Plomo is done, it's been done," the 36-year-old discloses. "I think that's another thing that makes us so special. We're independent. We didn't have the push of these major labels that everyone else has had and this whole big pot of gold where they just dip into and throw it into promotion and stuff like that. Everything we did out of our pocket."

Now that the album is done, they're also busy with a new project. "We're filming a video right now in Miami on our own dollar," she reveals. "Like I have my stylist, my makeup person... and Joe's the same thing, and that makes it even more special," Remy explains. "It's to the point now where I think, if we were to actually be able to do this, I believe it just might be the first ones in history to do it. I think it just might be the first. It just might be."

“All the Way Up” competes against Kanye West's “Famous" and "Ultralight Beam," Drake's “Hotline Bling" and Chance The Rapper's “No Problem” in the Best Rap Song category. For the Best Rap Performance category, Chance The Rapper's “No Problem," Desiigner's “Panda,” Drake's “Pop Style” and ScHoolboy Q's “That Part” go head-to-head against "All the Way Up" for the win.

The 59th annual Grammy Awards air Feb. 12, 2017, on CBS.

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