Reese LaFlare isn’t your typical millennial rapper. His demeanor is one of a man who’s been there, done that and then some. And it's likely because he has.

When the 31-year-old Atlanta native walked into XXL’s studio, he greeted the staff with his ever-resting rich face—a smug, bored look that reads he’d rather be off recording or skating. Rocking a militant get up with a Rollie and OffWhite Air Jordan 1s—gifted to him by designer Virgil Abloh himself—Reese nonchalantly touched on the response he’s gotten from his self-titled debut album, released back in August. From there, he readied himself to freestyle for XXL’s What I Do series.

“I can make a image way clearer than this HD/Flat screen, my words alone are 1080p,” Reese LaFlare rapped off the top. He also shouted out a couple of his peers in the next few bars: “See I'm born a star, I ain't have to wait to finally be famous/I always been big, like Sean/There ain't no fuck nigga in my rhymes/And I'm smokin' hella big/Me and my niggas on this Orange Kush crackin' all these niggas' girls, what's up Wiz?”

Boasting a bit, the "Much Better" rapper added he’s “beyond Freshman.” “XXL, it’s me and Key, and I’m being honest,” he said with a shrug before walking off.

Outside the booth, Reese is a man of few words—he’d rather let the numbers speak. In 2018, fans streamed his music for more than 226,000 hours in 65 countries on Spotify alone. “Dropped my first Album this year and it was also my first solo body of work in 3 years,” he wrote on Instagram. “These streams are literally just from THAT.”

In 2018, Reese LaFlare has been in the studio with Trippie Redd, Gunna and Young Thug, with the latter two appearing on his eponymous LP's “Drip Like That” and "Nosebleeds," respectively. "I met Gunna a couple years ago at the studio with [Young Thug] and he didn’t even rap at the time," Reese told XXL. "They are all family to me."

Take a look at Reese LaFlare's latest freestyle up top.

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