In a recent interview with Redman talked about his involvement with Wu-Tang Clan, saying that he’s in fact an 11th member. Following that statement unidentified members of the Wu-Tang circle denied Red’s official status in the group but said the Jersey native is as close to being a member as you can get.

To set the story straight, yesterday (November 18) XXL spoke to Red, who’s currently on tour overseas, about his upcoming album Reggie,and he had a chance to clear up any uncertainty.

“I am the last member of Wu Tang, like Method Man he’s a part of Def Squad," the New Jersery-bred rap vet said. "[Meth] has been a part of Def Squad before I was a member. I was like a member. But I was affiliated and I wasn’t signed in, but, I’m definitely—they got my number. Number 11th and I am officially a Wu Tang member right now.”

When asked where the confusion came from, Red charged it to the haters, saying, “You gotta take the haters with it. I didn’t even know there was [confusion] and really I didn’t care. I just go by what my homie told me. I was like kicking in nobody doors or anything like that. It’s just a fam thing. I don’t get into that media crap “yo he is or he isn’t.” It is what it is. If I am I am, if not then not. We still homies."

Be sure to check next week for a full interview with Redman. –Nicole LoPresti