Hip-hop has been international for a very long time, with people all over the world embracing the America-based genre. Rebstar, a 30-year-old Swedish rapper who's been making a name for himself in the game since 2008, knows the worldwide impact of rap well. Last month, he dropped his new album, Rosengård, named after his neighborhood back home. To celebrate his latest release, he swung by the XXL office to discuss his work and drop a few bars for the Flex Zone freestyle series.

Rebstar's verse is personal and mostly about growing out of old thought patterns and beliefs. "I used to think I need money to make mama happy/I used to think I need Rolexes, Benzes and Audis/I used to wish on a genie like I was Aladdin," he spits. "I used to break your heart and act like it never happened/I used to think that no one understands me/I used to skrrt, no seat belt in the fast lane."

Since Rebstar was a kid, he's been passionate about rap, namely by catching wind of a few legends. "I started listening to Fresh Prince, Wu-Tang Forever, found a double disc Wu Tang Forever album," explains Rebstar, who has collaborated with Drake and Trey Songz in the past. "I don't think I understood anything they were saying at the time, but I went through the booklet and I just fell in love with the whole movement."

Now, his Rosengård album is dedicated to his home city and what he's witnessed while living there, which isn't far from the subject matter of the rappers he came up on. With his new project out for public consumption, Rebstar hopes it sheds a light on what goes on through his eyes. "I do feel like [the city has] been so divided, the city's kinda rotting from the inside," he admits. "I don't think this record is gonna change things in that way, but I what it'll do is give some perspective."

Check out Rebstar's freestyle out at the top of the post.

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