To accomplish anything, you have to believe in whatever it is you do. Reason, the latest rapper to sign to Top Dawg Entertainment, has only been rhyming since he was 23—he's now 27. None of this seems apparent from hearing him spit, as he has the style and confidence of someone's who's been rapping for most of their life. His strong debut album, There You Have It, a TDE re-release, was a solid introduction to who he is, as is his freestyle here. He stopped by the XXL office to spit a few bars during a whirlwind year for him, which saw him hitting the road with Jay Rock for the Big Redemption Tour.

"Somebody asked me is Reason still spittin'/Bitch nigga is Janikowski still kickin'?" Reason raps, a clever start to his freestyle. "We focused on long goals/I'm from the L, wear Chucks and cargos/And if one bitch fuck with the clique, then they all roll."

Later on, he reps his hometown well. "Del Amo nigga, ain't never gon' stutter/Before that, a bad bowler, bitch, I lived in the gutter/I'm Mike Tyson with the hooks, Ali with the flutter/Check the stats, Del Amo leadin' the numbers."

Reason being signed to TDE was so crazy to him, that he subconsciously didn't believe it. "I think for like the first month I was signed, I had nightmares of it not actually happening," he admits to XXL. "I remember one morning I actually woke up and ironed my clothes out for work, and I had quit like three weeks ago. I was walking back to my room, tryna hurry up so I'm not late."

On the way back to his room, he remembered that he already quit his job after the deal. Listen to the rest of Reason's freestyle up above and cop There You Have It.

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