While on tour in Australia, Ratking's Wiki and Sporting Life sat down with The AU Review to discuss touring, blizzards and how their lives have changed in the year since So It Goes broke them nationally. The pair also took the opportunity to announce that their new record, 700 Fill, will be released for free in February. Four songs from it have already been integrated into Ratking's live set.

Sporting Life explained the benefit of composing most of the beats on the road, chiefly that it allowed the group to knock out 700 Fill so quickly. (Wiki admitted that he often needs to cordon himself off to find the necessary time and space to create.) Over a span of just six days, Ratking completed the 9-song record, which was described as "very New York" and features the same saxophonist who played on "Snow Beach", which recently received the video treatment. Both spoke on the difficulties of balancing a hectic touring schedule with press, creative work and simply staying sane.

Wiki also talked about comparisons to Los Angeles' Clipping and the time he met Cam'ron backstage at a show. He also admitted that, when he was younger, he often shied away from contemporary hip-hop. But as he's aged, he says, he's learned to embrace his friends and peers on the forefront of the burgeoning music scene.

[The AU Review]

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