Snapchat, the social app that lets you send quick, disposable snippets of your life to "friends" in your network, has taken over the social media game. Since Snapchat has become even more popular as of late, the social media app is full of rappers who love sharing every moment of their life.

From previewing new music, showing off their lavish cribs or wilding out in the club, the biggest names in hip-hop use (and sometimes abuse) Snapchat to connect with fans. DJ Khaled single-handedly brought new life to his career by dispensing daily advice and signature phrases on his Snapchat like "bless up," "major key" and more. Chance The Rapper shared snippets of Kanye West's The Life of Pablo album while it was still being made in the studio. When Gucci Mane got out of prison last month, the first people to know about his release were those who followed his girlfriend, Keyshia Ka'oir, on Snapchat. Yo Gotti even rapped about getting sexy Snaps in the hit song "Down in the DM." "Snapchat me that pussy...mood/Or FaceTime me that pussy if it'," Gotti raps in the first verse.

Rappers are quick to reveal more about themselves and their music on the Snap than other social media networks partially because everything is so disposable. Unless saved, within a 24-hour period, whatever you put on the app gets deleted, allowing the user to start fresh every day. With more rappers joining Snapchat daily, XXL is putting you on to even more artists in the rap game that you should be following to get an inside look at their life. Snap it -- or it didn't happen.

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