Rappers are known for their energetic performances, but from time to time, the turn up can be so real, that it causes rappers to have a mishap while performing. Accidents happen to all of us, including the biggest superstars in the world, that;s why today XXL looks back at a few hip-hop artists who have fallen off stage during one of their performances.

Most recently, Houston native Travis Scott made headlines, when the 24-year-old rapper fell off of stage through a hole in the middle of the stage floor, causing a major accident to Drake's performance setup during his European tour. Another rapper who was seen falling off stage during one of his performances was Bad Boy Records' head honcho, Diddy, who was in midst of his 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards performance, and fell off of stage during the live broadcasting.

Cases of rappers falling off of stage is not new in hip-hop, in fact, there's been several rappers who have fallen off of stage in the past, and we're sure we'll be hearing more about rappers fallen off of stage in the future.

Today, XXL looks back at a few rappers who have tumbled on stage in the middle of their performance sets. Check out the video above to watch some of the mishaps.

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