The year is coming to an end and of course it's time to reminisce on all things 2015. The last 12 months have been loaded with memorable moments that helped keep hip-hop in the headlines on number occasions. An innumerable amount of noteworthy returns and debuts by some of the game's biggest stars including Travi$ Scott, A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill and Dr. Dre, to name a few, made this an unforgettable year for music.

The songs and albums released may have been great, but the moments that coincide with the music is what truly keeps people talking. Without events like the 1995 Source Awards and Tupac's release from prison, it's likely that 1995 wouldn't be seen with the nostalgia that it has, but that's the beauty of these seemingly random occurrences. They gain added meaning with the passage of time and become synonymous with the actual art that took place.

In 2015, Twitter and Instagram have been buzzing loudly when it comes to major moments in rap. From the latest diss record to a fight caught on camera to a lackluster performance, there's always a conversation to be had. Of course, there were some great occurrences in the game this year, but there were also a few rappers that were the subject of ridicule and came up on the wrong side of history along the way -- Action Bronson, Bow Wow, Stitches and Tyga among them. Luckily, they've bounced back but the missteps won't be forgotten anytime soon. Here are 10 Rappers Most Embarrassing Moments in 2015.

  • A$AP Ferg Loses Handle of the English Language

    A$AP Ferg still has a few things to learn. In late October, the A$AP Mob standout came across a tweet from writer Michell C. Clark with a link to news of the rapper's forthcoming album. Misinterpreting the tweet as incorrectly stating that the release would be his fourth studio album, Ferg responded to Clark in an attempt to set the record straight. But unbeknownst to the rhymer, Clark was merely trying to spread the word on his new album and he was the one in need of a fact check. When news of Ferg's fail hit the Twitter timeline, the rapper was the subject of ridicule, resulting in him becoming a trending topic for all of the wrong reasons. Ferg was man enough to own up to his mistake, attributing the mix-up to him "speed reading," but the damage was done and made for one of the hilarious social media exchanges of the year.

  • Bow Wow Explains Origins of Dabbing Badly

    Unless you've been living under a rock, we're pretty sure you're familiar with the dabbing craze that has taken over the rap world. The dance may have went from a trend cultivated by southern-based rappers and rap fans, but most people are totally clueless as to where the dab originated. Well, rapper-actor Bow Wow took it upon himself to enlighten the world and break down the history of the dab. "The whole world dabbing, and they don't even know or understand what dab is," Bow Wow said in a video clip. "First of all, dab is a strong way to smoke marijuana. It's the purest form of marijuana, it's extremely strong. So the dance comes from when you smoke and you cough and the first thing you do is...," he says before doing a dab. Bow Wow may have felt he was doing the culture a favor with his explanation, but when the footage of his tutorial began making the rounds, his theory was debunked by Atlanta rap stars Migos and Rich the Kid. The latter had a few unflattering words to say about Bow himself. "Somebody pls tell Bow Wow stfu cuz that is NOT where the dab came from! Fukin clown," Rich the Kid wrote in a tweet. Migos added some slander of their own. Other dab enthusiasts also shared in the moment, dragging Bow Wow as well. Unfortunately for him, Bow Wow became the laughingstock on social media for the day.

  • T.I. Puts His Foot in His Mouth With Comments About Hillary Clinton

    T.I. is known to be a pretty eloquent guy when it comes to public speaking, but the Godfather of Grand Hustle put himself in hot water with a few bone-headed remarks earlier this year. During a sit-down with DJ Whoo Kid, T.I. was asked about the 2016 presidential election and his thoughts on the more noteworthy candidates. His feelings about Hillary Clinton's chances at becoming president were controversial, to say the least. “Not to be sexist but, I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman,” T.I. said, adding that women tend to "make rash decisions emotionally." He also joked that, "I think you might be able to get the Loch Ness Monster elected before you could [get a woman].” When the rapper's comments made their way to the public, the response was overwhelmingly negative, with men and woman alike taking him to task. Feeling the heat, T.I. quickly apologized via Twitter. "My comments about women running for president were unequivocally insensitive and wrong. I sincerely apologize to everyone I offended," he wrote. Tip's apology may have been accepted, but his remarks put him in an embarrassing light and were among the most ill-advised statements of the year.

  • Diddy Falls During BET Awards Performance

    Long before becoming Money Makin' Mitch, Diddy's original claim to fame was his prowess as a dancer, which he's put on display many times over the years. But Diddy's bop proved to be too slow at the BET Awards, which resulted in social media slander and hilarious memes after a mishap. During a performance celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Bad Boy Records, Diddy was working the stage in all of his splendor before abruptly disappearing from fans' view -- he fell into a hole that Lil' Kim had emerged from after she joined him onstage. Instead of letting it knock his hustle, Diddy resumed hyping the crowd and rejoined his former Bad Boy artists onstage without missing a hitch. But the gaff was just enough to get viewers at home and in attendance to make light of the blooper, putting the usually suave and debonair Diddy in the position to be the subject of jokes, memes and gifs in the aftermath of the performance.

  • Plies Gets Body Slammed Onstage

    Florida-bred rapper Plies has earned a reputation as one of the more humorous artists in the game right now. His ratchet Instagram clips are all the rage on social media. Plies may be familiar with generating laughs, but unfortunately, he found himself as the butt of everyone's jokes during a performance in April. The 39-year-old was body slammed off of the stage by a fan while performing at a show in Tallahassee, Fla. The altercation quickly made the rounds on the internet, with fans clowning Plies and questioning his credibility as a goon. Being roughed up by a random fan isn't a good look for any rapper. Things got even more amusing when the fan uploaded a clip of his own, accusing Plies of being the cause of his own tumble off the stage. This just lead to even more jokes and fodder for rap fans to hurl at Plies. In the end, Plies getting dropped and the fact it was caught on video was a field day for Twitter comedians and one of the bigger fails of the 2015.

  • Tyga's 'The Gold Album' Goes Brick

    Ever since Beyonce released a surprise album and it was a success, it seems that every artist in the world has attempted to follow suit. The problem is that the artists in question conveniently disregard the fact that they are not Beyonce and could stand to use more than a little promo themselves. Exhibit A would be Tyga, who decided to release his fourth studio album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty in June. Premiering exclusively on Spotify, the album was met with dismal reviews and moved a dismal 2,200 copies in its first week of release. Tyga may have contended that he unleashed The Gold Album with the intent of it being streamed and with no commercial aspirations attached, but when the sales figures came out, the rapper was the subject of ridicule on social media and was served a big slice of humble pie in real time.

  • Iggy Azalea Raps Gibberish

    Iggy Azalea just can't seem to catch a break. The "Fancy" rapper may be one of the hottest new stars in hip-hop, but she's often the butt of jokes and slander by unforgiving fans. The peanut gallery was supplied with prime ammo to use against Iggy when footage surfaced in March, in which she kicks a freestyle that does nothing but sully her reputation. The clip features Iggy spitting lyrics from her song "D.R.U.G.S." onstage during a live performance, but the words are indecipherable. Those witnessing the moment are left bewildered and confused. "Pitchfork point better pass me the joint, gotta twist this beat I’ma sprang my joint, straight crack rock, go to the pop-pop, Pumo Jiggy Rap City, no Tiggy," she rhymes. The lyrics are lost in translation, resulting in even more negative energy directed Iggy's way. This is another embarrassing moment to add to her growing list of bloopers.

  • Stitches Gets Jumped By His Own Boys

    The irony of being named Stitches and then nearly having to receive some is amazing to say the least. That's exactly what occurred when Miami rapper Stitches was caught on the wrong end of two beatdowns. The first round of fisticuffs involved the Game's manager. Stitches has been feuding with the rapper for the past few months over what the Game alleges to be fake direct messages Stitches claimed the Compton rapper had sent to him. Stitches followed up the back and forth with a diss track titled "Game Over," leading the Game to retaliate with shots of his own during a freestyle on Power 106 in L.A., going as far as to mention the rapper by name and threatening violence. Things escalated when Stitches showed up at a Miami nightclub looking to confront the Game, but instead of a fight, he was swiftly knocked out by the Game's manager. And to make matters worse, footage has leaked of Stitches being jumped by his own friends and serving as yet another embarrassing loss for the rapper.

  • Action Bronson Gets Lectured by Ghostface Killah

    Much has been said about Action Bronson's vocal similarities to Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah since the rapper's ascension to fame. And while both artists have downplayed the assessment, the elephant in the room was no longer unavoidable after Bronson took a sly shot at Ghostface after being asked about the comparisons during an appearance on ESPN's SportsNation. "He's not rapping like this anymore," Bronsolino said. The remark could've been a simple case of bravado but it was taken as a form of disrespect by the Wu-Tang member. Ghost shot back with an extended video clip warning Bronson to watch his mouth and issued veiled threats while being backed by the glorious tunes of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes' 1972 hit, "Be for Real." Ghostface's video was intended to be menacing, but it seemed to have the opposite affect on fans, who were extremely tickled by his approach to heating the beef and taunting Bronson. The lecture was one of the first low moments of Action Bronson's career.

  • Meek Mill Seemingly Loses Battle With Drake

    Rap beef is nothing new in hip-hop and not a year goes by without a rapper embroiled in a heated war of words. This year's most notable beef comes courtesy of Meek Mill. The Philly native's "Twitter fingers" kicked off a beef with Drake that resulted in more harm than good. Riding high off the release of his successful sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, Meek decided to out Drake for allegedly having ghostwriters, setting off a battle of wits that would define the summer of 2015. But instead of cowering from the speculation, Drake returned fire in the form of two diss tracks: "Charged Up: and what would prove to be song of the summer, "Back to Back." Both of which earned fan approval and put Meek's back against the wall.

    Not one to go down without a fight, Meek hit the studio and exited with his own diss record, "Wanna Know." The track failed to garner the response he likely was looking for. Instead he was chastised by fans and artists alike for coming with a lukewarm song. Things got so bad that everyone from WWE, who threatened to sue the MC over an uncleared sample used in the diss track, to fast food companies took cheap shots at Meek, making him one of the biggest losers of 2015 in the eyes of the rap public.