cornerboy1.jpgRapper Cyssero recently announced the launch of his new clothing line, Corner Boy. The Philadelphia MC, an affiliate of The Game's Black Wall Street, teamed up with lead designer and co-owner/founder of Affiliated Records Richard Hentosh to create what they describe as a mix of “casual urban comfort with understated urban sophistication.” The line will be available for purchase on the Internet at and Cyserro's own website as of February 26. Hentosh explained the reasoning behind the line's name. "We want to be very clear, our clothes are not about glorifying a life of crime, but to promote self ambition, dialogue and discussion regarding how we live," Hentosh says. "You don't have to be selling drugs on the corner to be a corner boy, Corner Boys is about your hustle, your game. That can be in the streets, the office, the classroom, it doesn't really matter."