Tony Montana, the starring character of the legendary gangster flick Scarface, is something of a hip-hop staple. Sometimes his name is a euphemism for cocaine (the very drug he pushed and used in the film), while other times he is name-checked as the quintessential gangster boss. Scarface (the film) turns 30 today, and while we’ve read many lists over time about the various Scarface samples in rap, we’ve created a list of songs where Scarface and Señor Montana are mentioned. So here are 20 songs that pay homage to Scarface in their lyrics. Old school or new school, everyone loves a good Tony Montana reference.—KI

Chief Keef – “Me”

In Chief Keef’s self-defining manifesto “Me,” he says, “Like Tony Montana who I trust? Me! But it’s still more Sosa and less Tony.” While he borrows a quote from the film on trust, he’s still telling you he’s Sosa all day, no compromise.

DJ Khaled featuring Ace Hood, Chris Brown, Wale & Wiz Khalifa – “I’m Still”

Wale’s line on “I’m Still,” “Like Tony Montana, except, no Manolo” is pretty sad. Considering “Manolo” Ribera in Scarface is Tony’s best friend, Wale is saying he has no best friend. He must’ve adopted Drake’s “no new friends” credo early.

Soulja Boy – “Scarface”

Well, the name pretty much sums it up right? Lots of gems on Soulja Boy Tell Em’s heartfelt ode to T-Mo. “Big ass house like Scarface. Whole lotta guns like Scarface Got a white bitch like Scarface.” Pure poetry, guys. Pure. Poetry.

Rich Homie Quan featuring Young Thug – “Get TF Out My Face”

Okay something isn’t right. On Rich Homie Quan’s track, Young Thug says, “I’m the real Tony Montana. I got fifty naked bitches on a banana boat.” Seriously though, if anyone will have “fifty naked bitches” at this point, it would be Rich Homie Quan, right?

Yelawolf featuring Killer Mike & Raekwon – “Rhyme Room”

Killer Mike tends to shine whenever he hops on a track, but he took that to the next level once he entered the “Rhyme Room.” “I’m so Tony Montana,” he says. “Known for the coke, M16, all black hammer.” Don’t fuck with Killer Mike, clearly.

Pimp C – “Hogg In The Game”

Much like “trill,” it’s hard to define what “hogg” really means (perhaps Slim Thug can clear it up). Either way, the late Pimp C, who embodies all things hogg, says, “They call me Tony Montana because I’m lettin’ em hang.” So hoggs let you hang.

Big K.R.I.T. – “Hood Fame”

The mantra in Scarface (well, one of many) is “the world is yours.” It’s something Nas has said, Scarface (the rapper), and many others. K.R.I.T. gives the credit where it’s due though. He reminds us all that, “Hey the world is yours like Tony Montana.”

The Notorious B.I.G. & Tupac Shakur – “Live Freestyle”

In one of rap’s most notorious (pun intended) freestyles, Pac and Biggie drop bars all over the stage for us to keep remembering. It was Biggie who sends a high five to Scarface though with, “Now we smoke weed like Tony Montana sniffed the yayo.” That’s crazy blunts.

Future featuring Drake – “Tony Montana”

Not much to say about this one, other than the fact that the title of the song is Tony Montana’s name. Then Future takes it to the next level by chanting “Tony Montana” all throughout the hook. So yeah, it’s safe to say that’s an ode.

Common featuring Nas – “Ghetto Dreams”

There’s a slight error in Com’s lyrics on “Ghetto Dreams.” “Ghetto Prince, she’s my Apollonia,” he says. “Like chick that had the back of Tony, Montana.” Apollonia was actually in The Godfather and married Michael Corleone. Whoops.

Three 6 Mafia featuring Project Pat – “Trap Boom”

While “Tony Montana, chill like Al Pacino in Scarface nigga” is kind of a shout out to Tony Montana, it doesn’t feel like he remained chilled much in the film. Then again, maybe he did, depending upon how you define “chill.”

2 Chainz – “Money Machine”

2 Chainz’s line in “Money Machine” sounds kind of confusing, as he says, “Coke prices high, than which was if a Tony Montana.” So Chainz is connecting coke to Scarface. Ah, we get it now.

Chris Brown featuring Common – “Fine China (Remix)”

Common gets a reference right, because in the film Scarface Tony really loves his sister Gina. But when Common says, “I love this sister like I’m Tony Montana,” he doesn’t seem to be talking about his sibling. Maybe he means Elvira?

Ghostface Killah featuring RZA & Solomon Childs – “Stroke Of Death”

RZA is the guy to bring Scarface into the fold, but once again it’s for the cocaine. “Tony Montana blow,” he says. Nothing says good coke like a connection to Tony Montana right?

Nas – “Thief’s Theme”

“We saw the movies, like Tony Montana and ‘em,” Nas says. It’s pretty interesting, considering he acknowledges that Tony Montana was a character in a film, while most of these guys out there try to bring that to life.

Cormega – “Glory Days”

Cormega’s “I saw Scarface and got my first taste for power” is pretty aspirational, but sums up why so many rappers talk about the film. Watching Tony Montana rise to power would make anyone thirsty for that same kind of life.

Big Pun – “The Dream Shatterer”

The late Pun takes the Scarface mentions several steps further by bringing himself into the family. Pun claims, “It’s Big Pun, the one and only son of Tony Montana.” Who knew? We all thought his last name was Rios. Kidding.

Pusha T featuring Ab-Liva & Rick Ross – “I Still Wanna”

Of course it’s the bawse Rick Ross to be the one to call himself Tony Montana on Pusha T’s track. “Tony Montana, tailor made suits in the church,” Ross says. Scarface did have some slick looking suits though.

Lil Wayne featuring Tyga – “California Love”

Cool metaphor from Weezy when he says, “And Tony Montana had me stickin’ to the blimp.” For those who never saw Scarface, the motto “The World Is Yours” appears on a blimp. Get the reference now?

Future featuring Juicy J – “I’m Trippin”

When Juicy J says, “Fucked up in the Phantom like Tony Montana,” he can’t possibly mean that Tony Montana had a Phantom. Unless of course you mix Scarface with Back To The Future. Then that would be legit.