The internet went nuts two nights ago (March 18) when Wu-Tang Clan dropped a record out of no where. "Keep Watch" woke Wu-Tang fans up worldwide and brought the attention back to their 20th anniversary album A Better Tomorrow, which RZA has been pushing hard to complete. However, not every Wu member is fond of just following the lead of RZA. Raekwon discussed his grip with Grantland on the upcoming album.

“I would be the first one to say that we cannot leave everything in RZA’s hand no more,” Rae says. “He has done his job to the greatest of his ability when we were younger, but now every man plays an imperative role in this situation. His plan was to do a more humble album. We was like, Nah. You can’t do that with the hardest group in the game.”

Now this isn't new. Last November, RZA made some comments about Raekwon and Ghostface Killah’s commitment level for A Better Tomorrow, which Rae responded to in a tweet saying “Yea, I just read the RZA article. Shit is funny to me.”

He also discussed "Family Reunion," a track RZA tweeted out in June 2013 and the difficulty of getting every member together.  "We knew that wasn’t no single,” says Rae The Chef. "It’s like getting the United Nations to all agree on one fucking thing...Italy ain’t having it. Japan is on some shit. You know what I mean? Now, here it is, the 20-year anniversary that’s so decoratedly respected that we might not even be on time for this shit.”

[via Grantland]