The legendary Raekwon comes through with a music video for his new single "Purple Brick Road" featuring G-Eazy. The Wu-Tang Clan member enjoys some of the finer things in life before linking up with G-Eazy for a meeting. Throughout the video, The Chef reflects on his standing in the game and kicks rhymes about the lofty status he has attained.

"“Pretty women fall in love with my expensive taste, luxury, lust/Physical touch by this ace, handcuff ’em/That’s a no no cause I don’t trust them as far as I can throw though/Gold digging vixens who’s in love with the coco/But fuck it, you know I’m here for this dough though/Let’s pop another bottle of Dom and watch our gross grow," Raekwon raps.

XXL recently caught up with Raekwon at the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities and found out how the G-Eazy collaboration came to be. The veteran MC said G-Eazy had been on his radar for a minute and the opportunity finally presented itself.

"I was in the studio recording 'Purple Brick Road' and I was thinking about who the fuck can fit the record and the next thing you know, we started throwing some names out and the names weren’t sticking," Raekwon said. "I went home later that night I started thinking of more rappers and G-Eazy came to mind. I knew he would body this track because I’ve been checking him out on the low radar tip, and the next thing you know, I called him, sent over the track to him and he sent it back in 24 hours and I was like, bet. He just went in on the track and made the record crazy."

Check out the music video for "Purple Brick Road" below. The track will appear on Raekwon's new album The Wild, which is scheduled to drop on March 24.

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