On this day, March 28, in hip-hop history...

1999: Queens rapper and Lost Boyz member Freaky Tah suffered an untimely death on March 28, 1999.

Born Raymond Rogers, Freaky Tah got his start in the rap game as a member of the Jamaica,Queens-hailing crew the Lost Boyz along with Mr. Cheeks, DJ Spigg Nice, and Pretty Lou. The Lost Boyz started gaining recognition in 1995 with their single "Lifestyles Of The Rich & Shameless." The group's debut album, 1996's Legal Drug Money helped put Queens on the map and peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 200.

But even with their growing success, the Lost Boyz had haters who wanted to see them fail. Rival crew The Hellraisers staged a drive-by shooting to target the Lost Boyz on March 28, 1999. The lively rhymer/hypeman was shot in the back of the head during the drive-by outside the Sheraton Hotel in Queens. He was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital shortly after arriving. Freaky Tah was 27 years old.

Lost Boyz member Mr. Cheeks remembered the sad day he heard of Freaky Tah's death with XXL back in 2007.

"I was dropping somebody home right after we just left the party we was all attending that night [at] the Sheraton Hotel up in 151 Street off the Conduit [in Queens]. We was at the corner store and we seen ambulances and shit going over there. We was like, “Damn, niggas wilding out already?” Come to find out it was my nigga," said Cheeks. "I couldn’t believe somebody shot my nigga. I never thought something could happen to a nigga, ‘cause we just represented the hood and everything we stood for was Queens. I never thought that something would even go wrong, so it bugged me out. It just fucked us up."

Just as the trendsetting legacy of the Lost Boyz lives on, Freaky Tah is gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.

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