The word unity has been used frequently in light of recent tragedies and the galvanizing efforts many are taking to foster better relations within their communities. It was fitting then that as VH1 paid tribute to many of the influential female voices in hip-hop that they would close this year's Hip Hop Honors with a performance of Queen Latifah's uplifting hit "U.N.I.T.Y."

La took the stage first by herself but was eventually joined by the many artists who participated in the night's tributes including Da Brat, Mia X, Rah Digga, Lady of Rage, Monie Love, Ms Jade, MC Lyte, Suga T, Eve and Yo Yo. Fellow honorees Missy Elliott, Lil Kim and Salt-N-Pepa made their way on stage as well, with Latifah changing some of the lyrics to her 1994 single. "Where oh where in the world would I be? / Without the lovely ladies standing behind me / I’m telling you they taught me how to be a Queen / That’s why I know we need some L-Y-T-E in some Unity," she rapped.

Appearing on Today earlier Monday, Latifah commented on the recent cases of police brutality against black Americans, saying, "Every time these things happen, no one is really brought to justice at the end of the day. By the time it’s all said and done, the police officers usually walk. And what it does is leave us feeling empty, feeling hurt and feeling like we have no recompense and that it’s going to happen again. And what it also does is endanger the life of police officers. It just creates more animosity. You make all these good cops have to walk out here dealing with bad cops’ BS, dealing with the stuff bad cops are doing.”

Watch her finale performance up above.

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