Puff Daddy got back into the musical shuffle this year in a major way with the release of his mixtape MMM. Inspired by Mekhi Phifer's character from "Paid in Full," the Bad Boy boss drops off a visual to the opening track of MMM, "Facts," a brief intro that has Puff delivering some of his signature mogul talk.

"Imagine if Mitch lived, survived," he says as he walks his son though a corporate office. "Took those different talents and attributes and business skills and applied to the world of the business. The legal game. So, this is the fairy tale, man. And fairy tales do come true. Cause we got millions of cats that’s coming up with that hustlers spirit and drive. They got that Mitch in them. And they ain't gonna fall to the wayside. They gonna take they street smarts and run the world. Cause the black man is god, and No Way Out 2, that’s how I’m gonna leave it on you."

The video is directed by Kid Art and shows Puff speaking game to his own blood, laying out the blueprint for transitioning street hustle to the business world. He caps the short soliloquy by teasing his upcoming album No Way Out 2, the follow up to his 1997 classic.

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