Marvel is going all out with the new Black Panther series. The comic book company's latest promotional video for the "A Nation Under Our Feet” storyline features a new track from Prodigy of Mobb Deep and Brooklyn musician Mark the Beast titled "Beast With It. The song's release also marks the first time that Marvel has licensed images for music.

Prodigy's "Beast With It" is an EDM record that takes the Mobb Deep rapper out of his comfort zone when it comes to production. The thunderous beat is a far cry from the grimy and dusty instrumentals that Prodigy has typically employed over the years. The New York native's presence is pretty sparse too as he only gets a brief opportunity to really flex his rhymes on this one.

"Pay attention, this is timeless art/We made this for all yall/I make my own rules, I don't follow, I shot call/We do this for the underprivileged and the outsider/Put your hands up, we gon take you higher," Prodigy raps.

This new Prodigy track continues the hip-hop influence in the promotional campaign for the current Black Panther series. It is understandable that Marvel would want to pull out all the stops as acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates is the author of the new comic. The buzz around Black Panther has never been bigger as he also made his film debut in the recently released Captain America: Civil War. The popular character is scheduled to get his own solo movie in 2018.

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