The phrase "speak things into existence" may sound like a cheesy Instagram caption, but every once in a while, the idea behind it is validated in a major way. Take Ski Mask The Slump God, for instance. When we interviewed him earlier this year, he revealed that Timbaland is his favorite producer.  Now, he's doing a song with him.

Shortly after announcing he was dropping a collab project with a "loved producer," Ski revealed that he and Timbo were in the lab. "Me And Timbaland In The Studio Right Now Be Ready," Ski wrote in one tweet. A bit later, Ski uploaded a video of himself mouthing out the words to his new Timbaland collab.

In the clip, Ski Mask, being his typically animated self, looks like he's totally into his music, which sounds pretty amazing. The instrumental definitely sounds like a Timbo one, with its swerving flutes being sort of a giveaway.

On early Friday morning (Sept. 15), Ski Mask uploaded an image of himself and Timbo in the lab. "To Your Ears Soon," he wrote in the caption. When's their track going to drop, though? Who knows?

What we do know is this preview is a pretty tantalizing one, and when you combine it with Ski's announcement of a new project with a beloved super-producer, it becomes even more so.

The idea of Ski sounding dope over Timbo production first crystallized when he rapped over the producer's Missy Elliott instrumental "She's a Bitch," for Ski's song "Catch Me Outside." Missy even gave him a co-sign.

Check out Ski Mask The Slump God's tweet and a video of him listening to his Timbo collab below.

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