Lil Pump is teasing the video for his single, "Gucci Gang."

The Miami rapper recently shared a snippet of the upcoming visual with his fans on Instagram. "GUCCI GANG MUSIC VIDEO COMMENT IF I SHOULD DROP RN 💚👩🏼‍🎤," he captioned the clip. In the snippet, Pump pulls up to Gucci Gang High School in a Lamborghini. Of course, he is double-cupped up. He strolls the halls with a tiger in tow, while a cafeteria worker passes out what appears to be cups of lean to the students.

Jetski initially dropped "Gucci Gang" back in August. Produced by Bighead and Gnealz, the single wound up on his self-titled debut, which was released earlier this month.

Pump's meteoric rise is undeniable. He recently performed at Travis Barker's son's 14th birthday party. Even ScHoolBoy Q is a big fan, and he doesn't care what a hater thinks. "'Awe Q, why you listening to Lil Pump?'" the "THat Part" rapper said in a recent Snapchat video, mocking people who question his taste in music. "Because bitch, I ain't born like you. I don't listen to one style of music. Niggas always in my comments when I play Lil Pump. Nigga I fuck with it."

Pump will be heading out on tour at the end of the month.

Check out the clip for the upcoming "Gucci Gang" video below.

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