It's been six months since we heard a new Post Malone song, but it looks like the wait is about to be over.

Yesterday (March 21) Post put a picture on Instagram of some new bling, but with the picture came a caption: "my guy at @angelcityjewelers made me this solid gold 11..... shit is super wavy..... p.s. don't ask me about music, because it's coming this week........"

The last time we heard a new solo Post song was "#mood" which he released on Soundcloud back in September. (Then again, it was really just a freestyle over 50's "Window Shopper. The last true Post single was got was "Holyfield" from last July.)

Post's buzz has been steadily rising since "White Iverson" took over airwaves last year. He got picked up to tour with Justin Bieber and has been in the studio with the likes of Scott Storch and his super-producers FKi.

We also might have an idea of when to expect his album, which is apparently called Album of the Year. A writer in Kansas tweeted that Post's camp told him "his debut album will come out on August 26." If that's true, we could be getting the first taste of the album soon. Like, this week soon.

Back in November he gave DJ Whoo Kid an interesting update on how the process of making the album was going. “I just go with the flow,” he said. “My manager would just say, ‘Hey, this happened today, you want to do something?’ I do have a very special surprise coming…It’s just with one of my favorite artists. So it’s about to be lit. Oh and me and Young Thug got like four songs.”

We'll have to wait and see what Post has in store for us.

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