Nicki Minaj set the Internet on fire last month when she tweeted her provocative single cover for “Anaconda” coming out on Aug. 4. The second single off The Pink Print has been building up a lot of hype, especially after producer/songwriter Eric Bellinger spoke about it at length to MTV News.

“For this one, it was like it was already a hit single and it was already No. 1 when we were in the studio,” he said. “It was a crazy feeling.”

Or is he one of the producers? A few days after he spoke on record about “Anaconda,” Nicki went on Twitter to throw shade at Bellinger about his supposed involvement. She wrote, “There are only 2 producers on #Anaconda ~ Polow Da Don & Da Internz. No one else should be out here doing interviews about it. #ThirstyAss.” While the tweet quickly made headlines, since then it has been deleted.

Eric Bellinger refused to take that comment to heart. He went on Instagram to post a long explanation about staying dedicated to his fans and insisting that he contributed to Nicki’s track.

So is Bellinger actually part of the song? Polow Da Don, producer of “Anaconda,” got on the phone with XXL to clear the air about Bellinger. He’s unsure if Bellinger did have anything to do with it, but believes the final product will be worth the wait. Read what he had to say below:

Polow Da Don: "What he did? I have no idea. I wasn’t there for that process. I don't know if he helped her write it. Add some harmonies. I don’t know. What they added from a musical standpoint wasn’t any musical changes. It was more like add-ons. They flipped it, but it is not like it went to a different direction. I’m not familiar if Eric Bellinger plays keys or something like that. I have no idea.

"As far as the business part goes, his name hasn’t been coming up as far as doing the splits and everything. I don’t know if he actually had anything to do with it or not. I think Eric Bellinger is a music-hype guy as far as I am concerned. I don’t know much about him, but I hear other artists talk about him. You know, the whole thing you get when you move to LA and you are managed by the right person or you are in the right circle? To me, so far, he’s one of those guys. In my opinion.

"I could have a conversation with Da Internz. They are probably the best people to ask ‘cause he probably had to come in through their end if possible. Like I said, whenever we talk about the splits, his name never comes up. Maybe he could? I don’t know. Nicki already has the verses, but she did add a new part. It’s like a pre-hook now, where she flipped like this crazy fast rap. Maybe he helped out with her lyrics and nobody knows or some shit like that. I don’t know, but I doubt it. The lyrical point about it sounds so much like Nicki that if he did it, it’d be scary."