Polo G is pretty ticked off with fans questioning his latest neckpiece.

The Chicago spitter uploaded a video to his TikTok page on Tuesday (June 23) addressing fans who are asking if he sold his soul to the devil after revealing his new chain on social media. The pendants on the chain consist of a goat-headed creature with horns, similar to a Baphomet, which is an invented idol that Templars were said to have worshipped and has satanic associations.

"I just wanna know why people wanna say that I sold my soul," Polo says in the clip. "Like, where the fuck? Like, I watch my son and go to the studio. Where the fuck would I find time to do some shit like that? Where the fuck would I find time to do some shit? Oh the um, the goat and the goat horns, it signifies the Baphomet. Half y'all ass wouldn't even know how to fuckin’ spell Baphomet if it wasn't for autocorrect, you stupid bitch."

Fans have been expressing concern ever since he posted the clip of his chain on social media earlier this month.

"Pls dont tell me polo g sold his soul to the devil," one person tweeted.

Another said, "Polo g is official, but he sold his soul to the devil or what end of that video threw me off."

Some people even pointed to the horned-goat that is on the cover of his most recent album, The Goat, which features Polo G on the cover with similar horns on his head.

"Why does he have devil horns in his album cover then ? lmao wake tf up," the fan wrote.

Despite what social media has to say, the "Go Stupid" rapper is dismissing all claims of selling his soul to the devil.

See more fans react to Polo G's new chain below.

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