PnB Rock just wants the ladies to notice him. The Philly singer shows off how women ignored him before he got paid in the new video for "Notice Me."

He displays his struggles to get attention, but the scenario changes when he finds success in his music career.

"I just wanna know shawty, do you notice me/Shawty, you should roll with me/Come over and smoke with me/Fuck until we go to sleep/Bet you won't get over me/Yeah, you got a million followers/Me, I got a million dollars/Fuck with me, shawty, I got you/I could keep you in designer/A bad bitch like you, you're priceless/All of this money and ice/Shawty I could change your life," PnB Rock sings.

"Notice Me" is an example of PnB Rock fully embracing his role as a singer. The "Alone" artist recently spoke to XXL about his decision to move towards singing as opposed to rapping.

"I pretty much started going more towards the singing route when I came out with the song 'Selfish,'" he said. "I came out with the song 'Selfish,' I’m gonna say about six months ago and that’s the best reaction I got out of any songs I’ve put out. So I started to put my new sound towards that because it was creating such a buzz for me, and now the record is about to go gold. So the reaction to the record was big for me and I started doing more the R&B and, not per say, the traditional R&B, but I started singing more as far as rapping."

You can find "Notice Me" and more of PnB Rock's singing on his new album, GTTM: Goin Thru the Motions, which is available now. If you want to know what to expect, make sure to check out XXL's review of the LP.

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