J-Swift may be facing deportation to Spain. It was reported earlier this month that he was being held by U.S. Customs at the Canadian border after trying to return to the United States following a Pharcyde show in January.  Since then, Swift has been detained in a Canadian prison where he awaits deportation to Spain, the country he was born in. J-Swift came to the United States at the age of two, and grew up in Inglewood, Calif.

“L.A. is the only home I’ve known. I’m terrified I won’t be able to see my wife again or my kids grow up,” he told LA Weekly via telephone from a federal prison in Vancouver.  "My mom is 70 years old, handicapped, and afraid that she’s going to die without ever being able to see me again.”

Swift’s legal status is very complicated. After numerous brushes with the law and arrests, the loss of his father, substance abuse, music industry trouble and stints of homelessness—which was chronicled in 2007 documentary, 1 More Hit— Swift has been on thin ice. Last August, L.A. immigration judge Anna Ho ruled for his deportation, which he immediately appealed. The following month he left for the Bizarre Ride European Tour. No customs authorities flagged Swift on his return. However,  the terms of his appeal dictated that he remain on U.S. soil, which he didn't know. Swift's lawyer says he should legally be permitted to wait out his appeal in the U.S., but all attempts to bring him home have been denied. Unless his lawyers can figure out a way to bring him home, J-Swift will be deported to Spain on Mar. 26.

“This all basically comes back to two small drug charges. I’ve never sold drugs. I’m not a criminal. I beat a demon and have been sober for three years and providing for my children,” Swift said. “My only hope now is to go to Spain and continue my appeal, get my travel documents re-organized and pay a lawyer to try to get me back into America while I wait on my appeal. But if I can’t raise a thousand dollars to pay him, I’m doomed.”

A Go Fund Me page was also created to help raise money for Swift's legal fees as he awaits deportation.