Yesterday (Dec. 8), Young Thug posted a video of himself offering $15,000 to airline employees to quit their job. The video resulted in some backlash due to Thugger's words. The Atlanta rapper referred to the women as peasants and said they "looked like Africans." The legendary Pete Rock was one of the many people upset by Young Thug's actions, which were addressed in an Instagram post.

"THEY LOOK LIKE AFRICANS???????" Pete Rock wrote. "These the people y'all make famous!! The people yall chose to empower!! You belittle black women because you got money?? Hardworking women are ants and peasants because you got money? At what point do we realize that we have a responsibility? These people aren't pushing our culture forward, they are destroying it!! They are creating a false narrative which is that character and integrity aren't as important as money!! Stop supporting sucker shit!!! These dudes don't represent me or my culture and I won't allow them to keep doing sucka shit on my watch!! #iworkforthepeople."

Pete Rock has been on a crusade against a new generation of hip-hop artists that he believes is damaging the culture. The acclaimed producer was one of the loudest critics of Lil Yachty, airing out the young artist on social media. Pete Rock shared his belief that the so-called mumble rappers don't care about the culture, which he feels an obligation to protect. He pushed for the new class to changed their attitude and make better music.

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