Pete Davidson isn't playing when it comes to jokes about the late Mac Miller. During Davidson's Monday night (Feb. 25) stand-up comedy set in New Jersey, a heckler thought it'd be funny to make a joke about Miller's death—and the SNL star promptly got him out of the paint.

In audio obtained by TMZ, you can hear Davidson saying “My friend died in my apartment,” prompting an attendee to yell out, “Mac Miller?”

He stopped his set immediately and refused to continue until the heckler was removed.

“Who’s that guy? We’re getting him out,” Davidson asked, as he had the audience seek him out. “I will not continue until that kid is gone. Find him. I’ll leave.”

Eventually, the man was indeed removed and the show continued on, though it's unclear whether the fan got his money back for the night.

Pete Davidson and then-fiancée Ariana Grande broke-up shortly after her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's death last fall. It's been speculated that the rapper's passing was the ultimate cause for the split. The comedian had a pretty rough time dealing with the break-up and the subsequent cyber-bullying from Grande fans, but he seems to be in a much better place as of late.

Listen to the audio of Pete Davidson kicking out the heckler below.

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