Earlier this week, Doughboyz Cashout rapper Payroll Giovanni posted a picture of a mixtape cover called Big Bossin Volume 1. It reads as a collab with the excellent producer Cardo Got Wings, and while there's no date in sight, we're dying it comes soon.

Payroll is one of the hardest rappers in the world, straight up. Detroit has a ton of talent right now, and while DBC seems to have hit a snag with their CTE deal, Payroll has forged on with dope new music. His 2015 album Stack Season is still in regular rotation over here.

Cardo, on the other hand, has also been on a role recently, producing for Kendrick Lamar, Nef the Pharaoh, 2 Chainz and more this year. The fact that these two are collaborating for a whole tape is a dream come true.

Dougboyz Cashout, while still making quality music, seem to have distanced themselves from Jeezy's CTE label since their deal years ago. Nothing too major ever came of it, and it seems like outside of YG, Jeezy can't get much going there in terms of new artists.

Nonetheless, DBC still make some of the best music coming out of Detroit. The city's as diverse as any in the states, with sounds as varied as Black Milk, Eastside Chedda Boyz, and Detroit Che all garnering their own following.

Elzhi is another Detroit MC who dropped heat this year. His Lead Poison album is his first in five years, and it's simply fantastic. XXL talked to him about the depression he battled while making the project, the controversy he faced after botching his Kickstarter campaign, and more.

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