This past weekend, Paul Wall and Johnny Dang, a.k.a. TV Johnny, made history by opening up the world's largest custom grills jewelry store in Houston, Texas. It's located at 6224 Richmond Ave., and on Saturday (Oct. 22) they held an opening reception for the store with some special guests.

Houston stalwarts Z-Ro and Slim Thug were in the building, along with Chicago's own Chjief Keef. Check out the pictures Bad Grass Media took for XXL above.

Paul's fascination with grills goes back a long time. In 2005, he had a hit song "Grillz" about calling the jewelry store and telling them to make him a grill. Fast forward to earlier this year, and Paul is offering free gold grills to U.S. medal winners at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

That last offer was made in conjunction with TV Johnny, who's a legend around Houston for his custom grills. His new store is his third and largest in the city, with walls of gold imported straight from Vietnam. “I’ve been dreaming of having my own complex and I was blessed to make it happen," Dang told guests at the opening. "Very blessed, it’s like a dream come to reality. I appreciate Houston and the city for supporting me. I love it.”

Paul is hot off the release of his new Houston Oiler album featuring Z-Ro, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug and others. With this new shop, the People's Champ cements his status as one of the most legendary Houston artists of recent times.