The 2016 Rio Olympics concluded Sunday evening (Aug. 21) but the U.S. medalists have even more cause for celebration as jewelers Paul Wall and Johnny Dang are offering a free gold grill to all winning athletes, TMZ is reporting. Pictured below, the two grill masters have created a special customized grill with the Rio Olympics logo on it, and are prepared to gift them to any athelete that should request one, from Ryan Lochte, who is pictured above with Dang, to Simone Biles.

Dang tells the celebrity news site that the offer is good for an upper piece only, which is made with 18 karat gold. The United States finished in first among all participating countries with 121 total medals, 46 of which were gold. Check out images of the grill below.

Speaking with XXL earlier this month, Slim Thug credited Paul Wall for helping to organize a recent effort made by Houston rappers to move their money into Black owned banks. "I won’t take all the credit for it. It was Derric Muhammad, he was the one that set the meeting up with the Mayor," Slim said. "I just showed up and really Paul Wall called me up and was like yo man… I mean that’s crazy the white dude called me up, and he was like be here."

Paul Wall has been organizing some great efforts then with this gold grill giveaway the latest. A gallery of other rappers putting their support behind Olympic athletes is included below, with the next games taking place in Tokyo in 2020.


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