Paul Wall was arrested on felony drug charges on Friday morning (Dec. 23) in Houston.

Law enforcement officers carried out a search warrant and arrested Wall, Baby Bash and eight other people, according to TMZ.

At the moment, it's unclear what specific type of drug was involved. However, according to the booking information, the drugs fall under the narcotics category.

Back in 2011, Paul Wall and Baby Bash were arrested for weed possession in El Paso, Texas. The "Drive Slow" and "Suga Suga" artists, respectively, had fewer than two ounces on them and were promptly released on $300 bond.

Shortly after being released in 2011, Wall tweeted, “Fresh out the El Paso County jail wit @BabyBash @BIGGROY in the same tank they held Willie Nelson/Johnny Cash.”

Bash also posted a message about the 2011 arrest on his Facebook page, writing, “HOE ASS PUNK EL PASO COP that abuses his authority, just cuz me and Paul Wall are artists! Only GEEKS and fools who don’t have any spine abuses Authority! But I’m back in the FLESH feelin’ so FRESH, out the tank mang!”

In music-related news, Paul Wall recently hopped on Berner's new track "Niice," which also features Quavo. “Money on my mind like a pair of shades/Grind all week I ain’t slept for days," Wall spits. "Paper routes I know many ways/I got plenty traffic, no need for Waze/Stay great, get paid, hustler-made/Money too dirty, I need a maid.”

As for his arrest, hopefully, this will be his last time behind bars.

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