Pastor Troy
King of All Kings
Madd Society Records


Beats: XL
Lyrics: L
Originality: L

It’s safe to say hip-hop has lost some of its aggression in this era of radio-friendly emo rap, championed by Young Money’s “White Knight,” Drake. Georgia-native Pastor Troy is back with his impressive 17th career solo effort, King of All Kings, to cement that there is still a place for his unique and boisterous brand of music.

Using his patented high-pitched, upbeat delivery PT is equal parts gangster and spiritual on the menacing “Gangsta Revival,“ where he raps, “Born to a pastor but the street led me…Got my holy bible/Me and my disciples/All totting rifles.” As evident by the smoked out “We Gon’ Stunt,” and “Rep Yo Side,” featuring Lil’ Jon and Bone Crusher, the one decree in Pastor’s wild kingdom is for all to have unadulterated fun. And sometimes the good times can lead to trouble. Borrowing the plot of Biggie’s, “I Got A Story To Tell,” Troy depicts a similar occurrence on the vivid “Lyin’ Bout Her Crib 2.”

When the album veers from its bow throwin’ line of attack to more R&B sensible cuts, like, “She Say She Never Knew,” and “Georgia Peach,” it loses that winning aggression. Let’s just say PT Cruiser lamenting on love lost on “She Message Me” is not what we’ve come to expect from one of the kings of crunk.

Still, by staying true to what he does on best King of All Kings, Pastor Troy succeeds in serving us the booming, high intensity sounds that fans are accustomed to hearing from one of the ATL legend. No fluff, no additives, a lost skill in today’s industry. —Vaughn Roland