The beef between PartyNextDoor and Jeremih is well-documented. Jeremih was recently thrown off their Summer's Over Tour, and now it seems PND has some words for him.

After Jeremih was removed from the tour, Live Nation gave customers the option to get their money back. However, when PartyNextDoor closed out the tour on Sunday (Dec. 11) in San Francisco, the place was still packed. At one point during the show, the OVO artist indirectly addressed the Jeremih beef. He thanked all the fans for coming out despite Jeremih no longer being a part of the lineup.

"You know what matters? Touching people. Being a real person," PND says in the video obtained by DDotOmen. "Because when you're in front of real people, they gon' give you a real reaction. And sometimes when everything you say is real, everything you do just happens to, you know, you do shit for other people, people react different in front of you. And then it makes you react in a weird way. So I appreciate everybody filling up this room and staying in this room and not refunding your ticket, 'cuz you wanted to see a real person."

He continues, “I know don’t have the most hits, or hits under my name... I might not sing the best falsetto... But everybody knows I'm a real person, and I don't have time for any of the fake shit."

You can view the one-minute, 15-second video in its entirety above.

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