P-Lo is working hard on his rise in the music community, and now he's giving us a new set of visuals to flaunt his creative side. The Bay Area rapper released his video for "The End," which comes straight off of his More Than Anything project that he released for fans last month.

The songwriter's new video, who tends to release unique visuals for his songs, follows the story of P-Lo and his leading lady as they shoot footage of their love story though an iPhone, putting a modern twist on their tale. The California entertainer helps his girlfriend celebrate her birthday, and even takes her on dates to the boardwalk, the beach and other different venues as they embrace their love for each other.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the video, P-Lo receives a text on his phone from another woman reading "I miss you" while the girlfriend has been holding his device to snap a photo. The next scene shows his girlfriend crying and yelling at him on the beach, leading to their breakup.

We then see her begin typing "I miss you" to the HBK Gang member before she deletes it and puts away her phone. Unfortunately, the end of the video involves the rapper making his way over to the other woman's house, who invites him to come over, confirming he is done with his girlfriend.

The visuals portray the imagery of how smart phones cause tons of miscommunication amongst us in a society when dealing with relationships and friendships.

Watch the music video for P-Lo's "The End" below to see the love story play out.

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